Jackie Hagan

Jackie is a multi-award-winning theatre maker, playwright, solo artist, stand up comedian, poet and community arts worker. She is a working class, queer amputee and believes in the necessity of live art to effect lasting social change. Her first solo show ‘Some People Have Too Many Legs’ won the Saboteur award for Best Spoken Word Show 2015 and in 2017 she was awarded a Jerwood Compton Poetry Fellowship.

‘above all there is the fierce optimism and dogged determination to turn tragedy into something quirkily, crazily beautiful.’ // SABOTAGE REVIEWS

For more information visit jackiehagan.org




Big Feast first began working with Jackie in 2016 on her new solo show ‘Jumble Soul’. Since then, we have worked with Jackie to:

  • secure almost £52K in grants and commissions
  • broker partnerships with a number of leading arts organisations including Contact and Unlimited
  • deliver an outreach programme reaching 43 vulnerable adults living in and around Manchester