Formed in 1981, Basingstoke-based Proteus is an award-winning theatre company who bring critically acclaimed artists and theatre makers to villages, towns and cities across the UK and beyond. They reach an average of over 75K people annually, the majority of whom live in non-urban communities and have limited arts provision. Artistic excellence and innovation is their highest priority, ensuring that the work theypresent to their audiences is world class.

‘The best of British Theatre from Basingstoke’ // THE INDEPENDENT

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From 2017-19 we supported Proteus as Associate Producer. In that time, we:

  • Secured almost £300K in grants and commissions
  • Programmed a year-round receiving programme of high quality contemporary artists like Nikki & JD, Kate O’Donnell and Sarah Blanc
  • Provided bespoke professional and artist development support to a range of artists including Nearly There Yet, Scratchbuilt Productions, and Ben Mills