Ella Mesma Company

Ella Mesma Company are a British based dance theatre company who use folk dances in a contemporary context to allow transformation: telling personal and global and stories and connecting to our truest selves. The company strive to undo limiting beliefs, explore healing and celebrate cultural and social identity using dance and theatre.The company have a unique movement language using a range of techniques such as contemporary dance, contact work from partner dances (such as salsa, tango, kizomba), breaking, Afro-Latin and Latin folkloric dances, capoeira and aerial dance.The company is led by choreographer Ella Mesma, who is an Associate Artist with Dance City and a BENCH fellowship recipient.

‘Unabashedly emotional’ // GUARDIAN

For more information, please visit www.ellamesma.co.uk


Big Feast worked with Ella Mesma from 2017to 2018 to develop her new show ‘Foreign Bodies’. During that time we also:

  • Developed a three year business and artistic plan with the company
  • Managed partnerships with a range of co-producers including Dance City, Yorkshire Dance and Serendipity